Redken Extreme Mask 250ml

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Intensive Repair for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Redken Extreme Mask is a powerhouse treatment that delivers intensive repair and nourishment to transform damaged and weakened hair. This deep conditioning mask is formulated with Redken's exclusive RCT Protein Complex, which targets the root, core, and tip of each strand, providing customized repair where it's needed most. Say goodbye to brittle, fragile hair and hello to strong, resilient locks with Redken Extreme Mask.

1. Targeted Repair: Redken Extreme Mask goes beyond surface-level treatment by targeting the three key areas of the hair: the root, core, and tip. This unique formulation delivers customized repair, strengthening each strand from within and improving overall hair health.

2. Deep Nourishment: Packed with nourishing ingredients, this mask provides intense hydration and replenishment to dry and damaged hair. It helps restore moisture balance, leaving your locks soft, smooth, and full of vitality.

3. Strength and Resilience: The powerful RCT Protein Complex in Redken Extreme Mask works to fortify and reinforce the hair's structure, increasing strength and resilience. It helps prevent breakage, split ends, and further damage caused by styling or environmental factors.

- Repairs and strengthens damaged and weakened hair
- Targets the root, core, and tip for customized repair
- Provides deep nourishment and restores moisture balance
- Enhances hair's strength, resilience, and manageability
- Helps prevent breakage and split ends

How to Use:
1. After shampooing with Redken Extreme Shampoo, squeeze out excess water from your hair.
2. Apply a generous amount of Redken Extreme Mask to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.
3. Gently massage the mask into your hair, ensuring even distribution from root to tip.
4. Leave the mask on for 5-15 minutes, depending on the level of repair needed.
5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. For optimal results, use this mask once a week or as needed.

Experience the transformative power of Redken Extreme Mask and restore your hair's strength and vitality. This intensive repair treatment provides targeted nourishment, deep hydration, and enhanced resilience for healthier, more resilient locks. Embrace the beauty of strong, beautiful hair with Redken Extreme Mask.


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