Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream 150ml

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Restore and Revitalize Your Bleached Hair

Introducing Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream, a transformative treatment designed specifically for bleached and damaged hair. This rich, nourishing cream is infused with powerful ingredients that work together to restore strength, hydration, and vitality to your hair. Say goodbye to the effects of bleach and hello to healthy, rejuvenated locks.

1. Intensive Repair and Recovery: Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream is formulated to provide intensive repair and recovery for bleached hair. It targets the specific needs of chemically treated strands, working to repair damage, strengthen weakened areas, and restore the natural resilience of your hair.

2. Deep Hydration and Moisture: Bleached hair often suffers from dryness and brittleness. This Cica Cream delivers deep hydration and moisture to replenish and nourish your hair, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. Say goodbye to straw-like texture and hello to touchable, hydrated locks.

3. Damage Protection and Prevention: By creating a protective barrier, this cream helps shield your hair from further damage caused by heat styling tools, UV rays, and environmental stressors. It fortifies your hair against future breakage, making it more resilient and resistant to damage.

- Repairs and restores bleached and damaged hair
- Deeply hydrates and moisturizes for soft, smooth results
- Protects against heat, UV rays, and environmental damage
- Improves hair strength and resilience
- Ideal for all hair types, especially bleached or chemically treated hair

How to Use:
1. After shampooing and conditioning with Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, squeeze out any excess water from your hair.
2. Apply a generous amount of Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream to damp hair, focusing on the lengths and ends.
3. Gently massage the cream into your hair, ensuring even distribution.
4. Leave the cream in for 5-15 minutes, depending on the level of damage and intensity of treatment desired.
5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
6. Style your hair as usual. For optimal results, use regularly as part of your haircare routine.

Rediscover the beauty of your bleached hair with Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream. Experience the transformative power of this intensive treatment as it repairs, hydrates, and protects your hair, restoring it to its healthy, vibrant state. Say hello to hair that shines with vitality and radiance.


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