Know Your Skin Type and Condition

Understanding your skin

A common mistake made by both client and skin therapist's is not knowing the difference between skin type and skin condition. These are 2 different things and must be determined by the professional skin therapist.

Skin type
A skin type is genetically determined by our parents. Skin type is defined by the amount of oil the skin produces from sebaceous glands, along with reactivity and sensitivity of nerves and capillaries. Over-active sebaceous activity will produce an oily skin, and under-active sebaceous glands will produce a dry skin. A reactive skin with excessive capillary activity and sensitivity will result in flushing, red skin that may easily experience stinging or burning sensations.

Skin condition
A skin condition is constantly changing and is determined by your environment and product routines. Other factors that contribute to skin condition can be surgery, medication, stress and illness.

The most common skin conditions that cause concern include dehydration, sensitivity, premature ageing, dry flakey patches, oiliness, breakouts and pigmentation.