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Face Care

Powerful blends of essential oils, tailored to each skin type, for healthy revitalized skin.

Body Care

Toning and lifting to intense hydration products to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.


Beautifull and luxuriously blended essential oils to treat and ensure optimal affinity with your skin.

Sun Care

Boost your skins defense against the sun's rays to help prevent premature ageing.

Men's Essentials

Simple 3 step high performance products for men.



Hydra Floral

Keeps your skin moisturised, nourished and protected day and night.

Aroma Lisse

Correct fine lines and wrinkles whilst adding increased hydration.

Prolagene Lift

Intensive firming power for an immediate and noticeable lift.

Life Radiance

Radiance treatment beauty boosters to give your skin a luminous glow.

Aroma Purete

The power of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil helping to reduce excess sebum.

Aroma White C+

Combat pigmentation and dark spots for a even and brighter complexion.

Aroma Cleanse

Cleansers & toners infused with essential oils, a pure pleasure to use.

Intense Nutrition

Essential nutrition to bring relief and comfort to dry and tight skin,

Harmonie Calm

Restore calm and comfort to your Sensitive, fragile and reactive skin.


Awaken your skin to reveal a new radiance; skin is imbued with freshness and vitality and its glow is restored.


This luxurious collection combats dehydration and acts directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven pigmentation.




DECLÉOR Authorised UK Stockist

Beautifully Gorgeous are an approved DECLÉOR UK stockist. All our products are 100% genuine and are supplied with a full refund exchange guarantee for added peace of mind. We do not sell cheap, non genuine or out of date DECLÉOR products. Orders are shipped free within the UK .

DECLÉOR Purete Velvet Mattifying Fluid (50ml)

DECLÉOR Purete Velvet Mattifying Fluid (50ml)£26.00   £16.22

DECLÉOR Aurabsolu Intense Glow for Eyes (15ml)

DECLÉOR Aurabsolu Intense Glow for Eyes (15ml)£23.40   £18.72


For 40 years DECLÉOR has been putting the power of essential oils into the hands of top beauty professionals. The results: the radiance of natural beauty and an absolutely unique sensorial experience.

It all started with two visionary women and two areas of expertise. Solange Dessimoulie, Beauty Therapist, and Caroline Colliard, Aromatherapist, who united their talents to create DECLÉOR and became the first to introduce the science of aromatherapy into the universe of cosmetics.

For 40 years, DECLÉOR has been drawing its effectiveness from nature and developing its scientific expertise in essences to take a lead in the field of aromatherapy. From the quality of its sourcing to the art of blending, DECLÉOR has acquired unparalleled expertise in the extremely subtle handling of these powerful molecules.

At DECLÉOR, aromatherapy has its own name: Aromessence, a concentrate of essential oils in a base of precious plant oils to cleanse and purify the skin and multiply the effectiveness of its treatments. Aromessence is the first step in caring for the skin, the essential beauty prescription for every skin type.

From the very first beginning, DECLÉOR understood that even beyond genuine cosmetic results, women seek comfort and well-being. Each treatment visibly improves the skin’s health and radiance while offering a unique sensorial experience. And that’s why the top beauty professionals put their trust in DECLÉOR, as their expert hands stir the senses and maximize the effectiveness of essential oils according to natural and exclusively manual methods inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. DECLÉOR, essential oils, essential to beauty.