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you've met your masque

Wednesday, 22 February 2012  |  Beautifully Gorgeous

you’ve met your masque…

Face masques are a great at home treatment to give our skin an added boost. Whether you let the masque do its magic as you’re doing the cooking or when your chilling out sat in the bath, there is no excuse to miss out, everybody can squeeze in a masque once a week to help our skin health!


Dehydration and congestion are bug bares for too many of us but now with the reformulation of Skin Hydrating and Skin Refining Masque your dry or oily skin has met its match! Both of these masque favourites have been reformulated to be even better at enhancing any skin care regime and being quick-fix supplements to help overcome key skin concerns!


The new formulations address two primary skin care issues: reducing oiliness and refining the appearance of pores, and the need for deep hydration.


The Updated Skin Hydrating Masque has an improved formula to boost the skin hydration long after the masque has been removed!

• Dehydration is quenched through new ingredients and technology

• Proven to be 5 times more powerful, forming a hydrating net over skin to continuously deliver water

• Helps regulate moisture content and long term water retention

• Stimulates skin’s natural moisturising factor in its ability to old water in the skin


The Updated Skin Refining Masque’s improved formula will regulate over-productive oil glands while reducing pore size!

• Natural earth clays absorb excess oil from deep within the pores. Lifts surface impurities and clears away congestion

• Black cumin oil help control inflation from breakouts common in oily skin

• Plant botanicals soothes and reduces inflammation while controlling bacteria


Dehydration and congestion are common skin conditions experienced by all skin types due lifestyle, travel and environment. Masquing with these products once a week can help maintain the healthy function of the skin and keep serious skin problems like breakouts and dry skin related sensitivity at bay.