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Looking after your skin in your 20's

Sunday, 25 March 2012  |  Beautifully Gorgeous

Looking after your skin in your 20s

It's never too early to start your skincare routine. Using dermalogica will help to protect your youthful appearance so what are the key signs of skin change during your twenty's.

Skin will still produce enough sebum (oil) along with a healthy cell turnover around every 14-25 days. Outbreaks can always be an problem, and you will start to see wrinkles about the eyes.

Skin is a superb record keeper. Getting a tan, smoking, late nights and cocktails appear just like a fun idea now, but that celebrity lifestyle can have on the skin ten years from now.

daily routine

  • PreCleanse helps lift make-up and debris, then either Special Cleansing Gel or Dermal Clay Facial cleanser/Clearing Skin Wash form the mediBac range if you're oily and acne-prone.
  • Start integrating a light, daily exfoliant, for example Daily Microfoliant®, to your routine to keep follicles clear and remove skin debris to leave your skin looking fresh and bright.
  • Begin to shield and safeguard the fragile eye tissue with Total Eye Care with SPF15.
  • Use a sun block every single day to help keep harmful UV sun-damage under control and stop hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Solar Defense Booster SPF30 blends well  with your moisturizer or your daily foundation for an easy and convenient SPF boost!