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How Clean is Your Skin? Really!

Monday, 23 April 2012  |  Beautifully Gorgeous

Research conducted recently at The International Dermal Institute highlights that the majority of women merely devote something like 20 seconds on washing their face. What this means is the majority are walking through the world with dirty skin. Like, unquestionably dirty skin!

Give some thought to the length of time you spend on your hair and make-up each morning … and just 20 seconds to get ready your skin for the entire day, or even clean and also restore it at the end of a long day! We think that warrants an ‘ewwwww’.

The fact is that with pollution, grime and longer lasting make-up a 20 second splash of normal water simply just won’t make the grade. Our skin is in fact now  much “dirtier” than it was in our mother’s and grandmother’s period, due to the existence of environmental air-borne pollutants and longer lasting, non-smudging make-up.

A a little water and Twenty seconds using your facial cleanser won't permeate the film of oil-based build up which covers the skin’s surface. Believe it or not, a good additional comprehensive cleansing using a good surfactant- based cleanser will not totally dissolve down this barrier. The thing we should really do is embrace the double cleanse.

The double cleanse has long been a part of the professional skin treatment for a number of years, it’s time each and every one of us talked about its remarkable results!

The initial cleanse will strip away impurities and surface debris whilst the secondary cleanse will truly clean and cleanse your skin. So to get a professional clean at home, to truly enjoy the most healthy radiant skin ever just try investing a little more time in your skin each day.

Regretably in contrast to the hottest fashion trends we cannot simple just update our skin, it’s with us for a long time therefore it should definitely be worth the investment.

Just think… how clean is your skin really?