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Basic Skincare Know How Part 4

Monday, 16 January 2012  |  Beautifully Gorgeous

The goal of moisturizsrs is to keep moisture locked into the skin, preventing it from becoming too dry, flaky, and cracked. It is important to understand that every skin type needs to be moisturised, even oily skin. The good thing is, Dermalogica have a range of  specially designed moisturisers for each skin type.  So finding the correct one for your skin type should not prove too difficult. Of course it is important to experiment with different moisturisers until you find one that works best for you. You also need to remember that your skin requirements from a moisturiser will change over time.

TIP: Because of the advanced science, moisturisers today are a far cry from their early counterparts, which used to be only made of water and wax mixtures. Nowadays, there are ingredients that replenish natural oils and help with exfoliation, such as glycerol, ceramides, and hydroxyl acids. Look for these ingredients when choosing a moisturiser.